Our Team

Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong is the leader of LaserFocus. She has a background in biomedical engineering with a minor in management who has previous work as an intern in two different medical device companies. One internship in a large company while the other in a small start up looking to begin running clinical trials. She has experience with company organization and documentation, as well as working internally with a small team.

Nasam Chokr

Nasam Chokr is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering with a specialization in biophotonics at the University of California Irvine. She has been involved in cardiovascular research and an internship in the biomedical field. She is passionate about innovation in the area of medicine as she strives to find solutions to problems and help people in need. Nasam is excited about incorporating many fields of study into her work and using that knowledge to achieve.

Micahel Nguyen

Michael Nguyen is a mechanical engineering major looking to branch out to biomedical devices. Fairly extensive background in manufacturing and robotics during the time that was spent so far at UCI. While not much experience was had in biomedical engineering, an interest was always building up in how products made their way for use for the betterment of the human populace.

Anthony Ricaldi

Anthony Ricaldi is a 4th year undergraduate material science engineering student specializing in mechanical design in the University of California Irvine. Anthony has been involved with research dealing with the mechanics of different material properties and with creating molds of nanoscale structures with antibacterial properties. He is pursuing to expand his range of knowledge by designing innovative biomedical devices and taking it to market. Anthony is a passionate student eager to learn and apply his experience into field of engineering.

Bryan Ou

As a 4th year undergraduate studying computer engineering at the University of California Irvine, Bryan is passionate about the possibilities of hardware and software integration. Specializing in hardware design, he has experience as a systems engineering intern at an aerospace defense contractor located in Irvine, California, and strives to expand his career in a related field. Bryan decided to join a biomedical engineering senior design team for the opportunity to aid in the development of medical devices while also building core team working skills that are expected in the current industry.

Our Advisors

Brian Wong, M.D., Ph.D. 

Joon You, Ph.D.